Table 4

Concordance rates and kappa values (κ) between types of growth

Strength of agreement is poor if κ is below 0.20; fair, between 0.21 and 0.40; and moderate, between 0.41 and 0.60.

Type of growthnNumber of concordant samplesConcordance rateκ
Both grewNone grew
i.p. Xga/Cell culture, from ascites specimens41111359%0.29
s.c. Xg/Cell culture, from ascites specimens4211948%0.09
i.p. Xg/s.c. Xg, from any specimens3972274%0.4
s.c. Xg from cell line/s.c. Xg from specimen of same patient2751574%0.42
i.p. Xg from cell line/i.p. Xg from specimen of same patient132877%0.46
  • a Xg, xenograft.