Table 3.

Responses to treatment by tumor type

Responses and histologyPatient no.DLTotal no. of cycles
Partial response
BRCA2+ ovarian cancer12432
BRCA2+ ovarian cancer4220
BRCA2+ ovarian cancer23717
BRCA2+ ovarian cancer34810
BRCA2+ ovarian cancer528
BRCA2+ triple-negative breast cancer2078
 Breast cancer1554
Prolonged stable diseasea
BRCA2+ breast cancer (male)14515
 Urothelial cancer32717
BRCA2+ ovarian cancer25711
 Urothelial cancer3178
BRCA+ breast cancer2976

Abbreviation: SLL, small lymphocytic lymphoma; CLL, chronic lymphoid leukemia.

  • aStable disease for at least 6 cycles.