Table 6.

Carfilzomib responses in multiple Myeloma, Waldenström's Macroglobulinemia, and non–Hodgkin lymphoma patients

Patient ID, by diseasea categoryResponseDisease subtypeStarting dose, mg/m2Dose atdiscontinuation, mg/m2Duration on study, dLast prior treatment
Dose escalation
MM (n = 20)
NHL (n = 15)
Dose expansion
MM (n = 6)
 2-31-001MRIgG20/27 + Dex20/27 + Dex324BTZ/Dex/PD0332991
WM (n = 2)

Abbreviations: BTZ, bortezomib; CFZ, carfilzomib; CTX, cyclophosphamide; Dex, dexamethasone; Gem, gemcitabine; Len, lenalidomide; MM, multiple myeloma; MR, minimal response; NA, not applicable; NHL, non–Hodgkin lymphoma; PR, partial response; Pred, prednisone; SCT, stem cell transplant; SD, stable disease; WM, Waldenström's macroglobulinemia.

  • aThe single patient with HL was not a responder and is not included in the table.