Table 3.

Correlation of respiratory chain enzyme activity with tumor tissue catecholamine content

CatecholaminesCI (mU/mg protein)CII (mU/mg protein)CIII (mU/mg protein)CIV (mU/mg protein)ATP/ADP/AMP (mmol/mg tissue)
Spearman ρE (nmol/mg tissue)Correlation coefficient0.2260.4230.1820.0060.366
Sig. (2-tailed)0.0460.00010.0970.9550.0001
NE (nmol/mg tissue)Correlation coefficient0.1600.4790.0780.0660.390
Sig. (two-tailed)0.1630.00010.4950.5690.0001
Total catecholamines (nmol/mg tissue)Correlation coefficient0.2080.5170.1480.0330.458
Sig. (two-tailed)0.0670.00010.1960.7740.0001

NOTE: Highlighted in bold letters are comparisons that attained statistical significance.

Abbreviations: CI, II, III and IV, respiratory chain enzyme complexes I to IV; E, epinephrine.