Table 2.

Poverall, Psubset, Psuccess under the global null (HR+, HR) = (1.0, 1.0) for p+ = 0.3

ProbabilityTraditionalFixed-sequence-1Fixed-sequence-2MaSTFallbackTreatment-by-biomarker interaction
Asymptotic approximations
  • aExponential survival times were generated in the B+ and B patients with the baseline event rates, λ+ = λ = 1.0, and treatment effects (HR+, HR) for a total number of patients of 200. Survival times were uncensored, so that E+ = p+E holds. Use of other values of the baseline hazards λ+ and λ (possibly λ+λ) may not change the results with the use of the stratified statistic Zoverall for the overall test given in the Appendix. Ten thousand simulations were conducted for each configuration.