Table 1.

Selected open trials of stereotactic radiotherapy for metastatic disease

NameHistologyKey inclusion criteriaTreatment(s)Primary endpointTarget accrual
SABR-COMET (NCT01446744)Any solid tumorControlled primary tumor, 1–5 metastasesSABR to all sites of disease vs. standard-of-care palliative treatmentOS99
MDACC (NCT01725165)NSCLCUp to 3 sites of metastasesEarly vs. delayed ablative treatmentPFS94
NRG-BR002 (NCT02364557)Breast cancerControlled primary tumor, up to 2 metastasesStandard-of-care systemic treatment + surgery or SABR vs. standard of care alonePFS (phase II) OS (phase III)402
STOMP (NCT01558427)Prostate cancerControlled primary tumor, 1–3 metastasesMetastasis-directed therapy vs. active clinical surveillanceADT-free survival62
STEREO-SEIN (NCT02089100)BreastPrimary tumor controlled, 1–5 lesionsSABR vs. no specific treatmentPFS280
Nonrandomized but with novel agents
NCT02019576Renal cell carcinoma (clear cell)Up to 5 metastatic lesions progressing (oligoprogression)SABR with continued sunitinibLocal control64
NCT01565837MelanomaUnresectable stage III or IV diseaseSABR + ipilimumabSafety50
NCT02107755MelanomaOligometastatic (1–3 lesions)SABR + ipilimumabPFS32

Abbreviations: ADT, androgen deprivation therapy; MDACC, MD Anderson Cancer Center; SABR-COMET, Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy for Comprehensive Treatment of Oligometastatic Tumors; STEREO-SEIN, Trial of Superiority of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy in Patients with Breast Cancer; STOMP, Surveillance or Metastasis-directed Therapy for Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer Recurrence.