Table 1.

Flow versus NGS MRD comparison

Flow cytometry (MFC/NGF)
 Rapid (results available within a few days)
 Applicable to most patients
 Does not require pretreatment immunophenotype
 Requires fresh samples
 High sensitivity attainable (with NGF, at 10−6 cells)
 Subjective interpretation
 Standardization in progress, but multiple different fluorochrome panels, protocols, instruments, etc. are in use
 Technology widely available
 <1 week turnaround time possible (10 days–2 weeks currently)
 Not applicable to all patients (∼95%)
 Requires diagnostic sample; does not require patient-specific primers
 Does not require fresh samples
 High sensitivity (10−6 cells)
 More objective interpretation
 Standardization possible
 Technology not yet widely available