Table 4.

Median hu14.18K322A pharmacokinetic parameters for patients treated on this trial and the phase I trial at the same hu14.18K322A dose (40 mg/m2/dose)

StudyBSA (m2)CL (L/day)/m2V1 (L)/m2AUC (mg*h/L)AUC (ng*h/L)/(mg/m2)Cmax (ng/mL)Cmax (ng/mL)/(mg/m2)Cend (ng/mL)Cend (ng/mL)/(mg/m2)T1/2 Alpha (days)T1/2 Beta (days)
Combined median (n = 13)0.780.6451.7996137.234,6301108392151.69.2
Navid et al. median (n = 3)0.981.263.8576219.126,3556591804.501.8513.71
  • Abbreviations: AUC, area under the plasma concentration–time curve; BSA, body surface area; CL, clearance; Cend, plasma concentration at the end of the infusion; Cmax, maximum plasma concentration; T1/2, half-life; Vl, volume.