Table 2

Biomarkers according to expression of MMP-2

Expression of MMP-2
Stromal fibroblastsTumor cells
Expression of VEGF
 Mean score3.563.830.2643.584.150.030
Proliferative index
Apoptotic index
Aberrant expression of p53
 Negative50 (40.3%)74 (59.7%)0.78197 (78.2%)27 (28.7%)0.269
 Positive36 (38.3%)58 (61.7%)67 (71.3%)27 (28.7%)
  • NOTE. Each figure shows the number of patients, and the percentage is shown in parentheses.

  • * CD34, IMVD evaluated with an anti-CD34 antibody; CD105, IMVD evaluated with an anti-CD105 antibody.