Table 3

Proteins highly or specifically expressed in M2 and/or M3 identified by MALDI-TOF-MS

SpotProtein nameNCBInr ID no.MrpIPeptides (MALDI/MS)Sequence coverage (%)Score
M2-1*Elongation factor 2gi 18196939,75038,9785.815.73581965
M2-2*Small GTP binding protein RhoGgi 2037912221,26121,3018.418.126155078
M3-1S100 calcium binding protein A 11 (calgizzarin)gi 50320711,73312,4376.566.1211338677
M3-2Unnamed protein productgi 2175704552,40630,1554.994.64182248173
M3-3RNA-binding protein regulatory subunit; oncogene DJ1gi 3154338019,87819,9876.336.04593765
M3-4Chain A, human cathepsin Ggi 239223025,42314,56811.519.98451167
M3-5Human heparin binding proteingi 298193624,26124,7659.539.077103166
M3-6Atomic resolution structure of Hbpgi 469971723,80424,3029.539.075143566
M3-7Azurocidingi 2897726,63725,5789.759.077102864
M3-8Similar to high mobility group protein 2 (HMG-2)gi 2095157818,14717,1005.174.968322980
M3-9Similar to retinoic acid, EGF, and NGF up-regulated; RENgi 2748551629,62425,8756.095.48492664
M3-10Human protein disulfide isomerasegi 209832913,24921,0545.944.875263965
M23-1Chain A, cyclophilin Bgi 131088219,64829,7159.186.476213568
M23-2Unnamed protein productgi 2175857832,53032,4506.716.807123588
M23-3Annexin I; lipocortin Igi 450210138,69034,6926.575.65143349138
M23-4Chain A, protease 3, myeloblastingi 163322524,24530,6137.798.658344568
M23-5Chain c, cryogenic crystal structure of human myeloperoxidase isoform c (MPO)gi 776694253,13032,2319.488.21164634101
  • NOTE. The calculation of experimental isoelectric point (pI) and Mr was based on migration of the protein spot on two-dimensional gels. The highly or specifically expressed proteins in M2, M3, or both M2 and M3 compared with other subtypes were designated with the letter M2, M3, or M23, respectively. A score more than 63 is significant (P < 0.05).

  • Abbreviations: ID, identification; Theor, theoretical; Observ, observed.

  • * The proteins that had been reported to be involved in leukemogenesis.

  • The proteins that had been reported to be associated with acute leukemia classification.