Table 1

Details of the 75 patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma used for immunohistochemistry

Number (total = 75)Prognostic significanceCorrelation with MMPa expression
Median age (range)63 (40–77) yearsNSNil
Tumor gradeNSNil
 Well differentiated8
 Moderately differentiated37
 Poorly differentiated30
Tumor stageNSNil
Lymph node statusP = 0.007MMP-11 (P = 0.0073)
Resection marginsNS (P = 0.06)Nil
 Negative (R0)35
 Positive (R1)40
Adjuvant therapybNSNil
  • a MMP, matrix metalloproteinases; NS, not significant.

  • b As part of the European Study Group for Pancreatic Cancer-1 trial (8 , 9) .