Table 4.

Associations observed between chromosomal abnormalities analyzed by interphase FISH and the plasma cell DNA ploidy status by flow cytometry

Plasma cell DNA ploidy status
Chromosomal abnormalitiesHyperdiploidyNon-hyperdiploidyP
Del(13q)19% (32/166)45% (87/194)0.001
IGH translocations
    Total10% (15/142)49% (87/175)0.0001
    t(11;14)4% (6/142)20% (36/175)0.001
    No t(11;14)6% (9/142)29% (51/175)0.001
  • NOTE: P value by χ2 test. Results expressed as percentage of cases; number of positive cases/total cases is shown in brackets.