Table 3

Association of breast cancer survival with PVUII, XbaI, and (GT)n polymorphisms in the ER-α gene stratified by ER status: Shanghai Breast Cancer Study

ER positive
ER negative
GenotypeDeaths/totalAdjusted HR (95% CI)†Deaths/totalAdjusted HR (95% CI)†Deaths/totalAdjusted HR (95% CI)
ER-α, PvuII
    pp41/1741.00 (ref)14/1201.00 (ref)18/1141.00 (ref)
    Pp25/2210.41 (0.25-0.67)18/1221.27 (0.61-2.61)32/1661.51 (0.83-2.72)
    PP7/600.54 (0.24-1.23)11/333.30 (1.42-7.69)6/421.08 (0.42-2.74)
    P for interaction0.001
ER-ER-α, XbaI
    xx37/2361.00 (reference)23/1321.00 (reference)33/1631.00 (reference)
    Xx or XX36/2241.06 (0.66-1.70)21/1450.88 (0.47-1.62)22/1600.73 (0.42-1.27)
    P for interaction0.73
ER-α, (GT)n repeats
    No (GT)15 alleles86/5531.00 (reference)53/3081.00 (reference)69/3801.00 (reference)
    One or two (GT)15 alleles13/940.93 (0.52-1.67)9/630.87 (0.42-1.77)10/581.08 (0.55-2.11)
    P for interaction0.87
    No (GT)16 alleles45/3721.00 (reference)39/2041.00 (reference)53/2551.00 (reference)
    One or two (GT)16 alleles54/2751.71 (1.15-2.55)23/1670.78 (0.46-1.32)26/1830.66 (0.41-1.07)
    P for interaction0.015
    No (GT)17 allele90/5971.00 (reference)60/3521.00 (reference)75/4051.00 (reference)
    One or two (GT)17 alleles9/501.17 (0.59-2.34)2/190.95 (0.23-3.94)4/330.76 (0.28-2.12)
    P for interaction0.65
    No (GT)18 allele72/5411.00 (reference)51/3121.00 (reference)65/3631.00 (reference)
    One or two (GT)18 alleles27/1062.09 (1.33-3.29)11/590.97 (0.49-1.94)14/751.09 (0.60-1.97)
    P for interaction0.12
    No (GT)23 allele95/5611.00 (reference)50/2341.00 (reference)71/3841.00 (reference)
    One or two (GT)23 alleles4/860.25 (0.09-0.69)12/471.48 (0.77-2.87)8/540.69 (0.33-1.44)
    P for interaction<0.001
  • * Adjusted for age at diagnosis, stage of disease, and radiotherapy.