Table 2.

Human DCTD polymorphisms

Gene locationNucleotideSequence changeAmino acid changeFrequency of variant allele
Exon 1−274G>A0.1150.000
Exon 1−256C>G0.0090.000
IVS 1148G>A0.0180.042
IVS 1338G>A0.2080.217
IVS 1−333T>C0.3420.333
IVS 1−218G>A0.0000.008
IVS 1−184G>A0.0080.000
Exon 2−126A>G0.0090.000
IVS 29C>A0.0510.000
IVS 2−517G>A0.0500.025
IVS 2−353C>T0.0500.000
IVS 2−169A>T0.0500.000
IVS 2−106G>A0.0000.033
IVS 2−35C>T0.0250.000
IVS 3−31G>A0.0080.000
Exon 4114C>T0.0000.017
Exon 4172A>GAsn58Asp0.0000.008
IVS 4−150G>A0.0170.000
IVS 4−44G>T0.0080.000
Exon 5255G>C0.0170.000
Exon 5315T>C0.4750.333
IVS 581A>G0.1000.308
IVS 5−36G>A0.0250.000
IVS 66T>C0.0580.000
IVS 615T>C0.1170.300
IVS 618G>A0.0000.075
  • NOTE: Gene locations, nucleotide sequence alterations, amino acid sequence alterations, and frequencies of polymorphisms in the two populations studied are listed. Polymorphisms within exons are set in boldface. The numbering scheme is that described in the legend for Table 1.