Table 2.

Murine myeloid immunosuppressive cell populations reported in current literature

PhenotypeMechanismTumor system/model
Gr-1+, CD11b+ (40)ROS/NOMetastatic colon carcinoma
Gr+, CD11b+ (56)ARG1 + iNOSColon carcinoma, lymphoma
Gr-1+, CD11b+ (57)ARG1T-cell lymphoma
Gr-1+, CD11b+ (58)TGF-βFibrosarcoma
Gr+, CD11b+ (45)ARG1 STAT6Metastatic mammary carcinoma
Tumor-infiltrated CD11b+ (44)ARG1Lewis lung carcinoma (3LL)
Tumor-associated F4/80+ (59)TNF-α, iNOS3-Methylcholanthrene-38 (MCA-38)3 induced sarcoma
Tumor-associated F4/80+ (41)ARG1 + iNOS, STAT1Colon carcinoma, T-cell lymphoma, fibrosarcoma, and sarcoma
Gr-1+, CD115+ (60)N/A (induction of Treg)Colon carcinoma
  • Abbreviations: STAT, signal transducer and activator of transcription; TGF-β, transforming growth factor-β; TNF-α, tumor necrosis factor-α.