Table 1.

Summary of in vivo efficacy and toxicity, following daily treatment of mice bearing NB-1691 (A) and SH-SY-5Y (B) neuroblastoma xenografts for 5 d with either vehicle control alone, AG014699 alone (1 mg/kg), topotecan alone (1 mg/kg), topotecan (1 mg/kg) + AG014699 (1 mg/kg), temozolomide alone (68 mg/kg) or temozolomide (68 mg/kg) + AG014699 (1 mg/kg), based on observations of five animals per group over 100 d

Median maximum weight loss as % of starting weight (day occurred)Median time to RTV4 (d)Tumor growth delay (d)% EnhancementTotal complete regressionsTemporary complete regressionsPersistent complete regressions
A. NB-1691
    Control0 (1)8.5N/AN/A0/50/50/5
    AG-0146990 (1)4.50N/A0/50/50/5
    Topotecan2 (6)18.310N/A2/51/51/5
    Topotecan + AG-01469915 (8)30221212/51/51/5
    Temozolomide4 (6)19.311N/A1/51/50/5
    Temozolomide + AG-0146999 (10)59.5513723/51/52/5
    Control6 (9)11N/AN/A0/50/50/5
    AG-0146994 (6)180N/A0/50/50/5
    Topotecan3 (2)6453N/A3/52/51/5
    Topotecan + AG-0146995 (6)635204/54/50/5
    Temozolomide6 (9)7160N/A5/53/52/5
    Temozolomide + AG-01469912 (6)100>8948.35/51/54/5