Table 1.

Univariate and multivariate analyses of clinical variables and proteins on normalization of Ca-125 and progression-free survival

VariablesCa-125 normalization by cycle 3*Progression-free survival
PHR (95% CI)PHR§ (95% CI)P
    Pretreatment Ca-1250.13
    JNK0.016.25 (1.6-25.0)0.011.61 (1.07-2.4)0.02
    EGFR0.056.67 (1.3-33.3)0.021.50 (0.98-2.3)0.06
    Smad30.040.14 (0.02-0.9)0.04NS
    TAZ0.04NS1.58 (0.97-2.6)0.07

Abbreviations: HR, hazard ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; NS, not significant.

  • *Ca-125 normalization defined as ≤35 IU/mL.

  • Only the significant variables in univariate analysis for Ca-125 normalization were taken forward into the multivariate analysis.

  • Logistic regression hazard ratio > 1 indicates lower chance of normalization of Ca-125 with higher levels of protein expression.

  • §Hazard ratio > 1 indicates higher risk for progression with higher levels of protein expression.

  • Variable analyzed as a continuous variable.

  • Stage III versus IV.

  • **Macroscopic versus not macroscopic.