Table 3.
A. Predictability of GEMCaP score with clinical outcome (n = 54)
Threshold method
Positive predictive value68%67%60%
Negative predictive value51%67%69%
B. Frequency of identifying cases based on lymph node status
No. of unfavorable cases identified
Lymph node negative (n = 15)Lymph node positive (n = 15)

NOTE: Sensitivity is the proportion of cases who are correctly classified based on the GEMCaP score (≥20%) as being at high risk of recurrence; specificity is the proportion of controls who are correctly classified as being at low risk of recurrence. The positive predictive value is the proportion of patients classified by the GEMCaP score to be at high risk of recurrence who are cases, and the negative predictive value is the proportion of patients classified to be at low risk of recurrence who are controls. The limitations of these last two estimates for a case-control study are known, but they are included only as a reference for future studies. Accuracy is the overall proportion of correctly classified cases and controls. Cases were identified by values >20% for GEMCaP and <40% for the nomogram.