Table 3.

Characteristics of the 135 patients

TotalHypoxia score <0.35Hypoxia score >0.35
No. of patients1359342
Age (y) ± SD56 ± 1456 ± 1456 ± 12
Sex (M/F)98/3767/2631/11
Etiology HBV/HCV/(N)ASH/crypto/other/unknown55/14/13/14/17/2229/11/11/12/14/1626/3/2/2/3/6
Cirrhosis (no/yes/NA)67/67/145/47/122/20/0
Tumor size (<5 cm/≥5 cm/NA)55/79/141/51/114/28/0
Histologic grade (1/2/3/4)2/55/72/62/43/43/50/12/29/1
Vascular invasion (no/yes/NA)27/48/6024/37/323/11/28
AFP level (<300/≥300/NA)70/54/1152/24/718/20/4
Subgroup (B/A/HB)74/38/2367/21/57/17/18

NOTE: Baseline characteristics of the 135 patients and per subgroup based on the hypoxia score. Histologic grades were based on the Edmondson and Steiner classification and AFP levels were measured in ng/mL.

Abbreviations: HBV, hepatitis B virus; HCV, hepatitis C virus; (N)ASH, (non)alcoholic steatohepatitis; crypto, cryptogenic; NA, not available.