Table 1

Frequency of LOH in HNSCCa

LocusMap positionbLOH (%)c
D3S1284 3p1217/21 (81)
D3S1766 3p1418/23 (78)
D3S1029 3p2113/22 (59)
D3S1293 3p24.316/22 (73)
D9S171 9p2120/21 (95)
D9S157 9p2220/25 (80)
CHRNB1 17p11-1215/21 (71)
TP53 17p13.116/24 (67)
  • a Results were generated from analysis of tumor DNA from 28 patients.

  • b The map positions are based on the Genome Database.4

  • c Number of tumors with LOH/total number of informative patients.