Table 1

Clinical and immunohistochemical analysis of human medulloblastomas

Diagnosis of the tumors is based on the WHO classification of brain tumors, using the criteria for medulloblastomas as detailed in “Materials and Methods.” The anatomical location of the tumors, the age at the time of resection, and the gender of each patient are shown. Presence (+), or absence (−) of immunohistochemical reaction for GFAP, synaptophysin (SY-38), neurofilaments (NF), IRS-1, IGF-IR (IGF-IR Total), IGF-IR phosphorilated at tyrosine 1316 (IGF-IR Phosp), and Trk-C are indicated. Ten of 17 medulloblastomas were positive when tested with the anti-Y1316 antibody, indicating the presence of the phosphorilated (active) form of the IGF-IR in these samples.

1Desmoplastic medulloblastomaMale/6 yrLeft hemisphere++++
2Classic medulloblastomaMale/2 yrVermis++++++++
3Desmoplastic medulloblastomaMale/7 yrRight hemisphere+++++++
4Desmoplastic medulloblastomaFemale/3 yrVermis++++++
5Medulloblastoma (neuroblastic)Female/17 yrRight hemisphere+++
6Desmoplastic medulloblastomaFemale/16 moPosterior fossa++++a++++
7Desmoplastic medulloblastomaMale/11 yrPosterior fossa++++
8Desmoplastic medulloblastomaMale/15 yrLeft hemisphere+++++
9Medulloblastoma (neuroblastic)Male/11 yrPosterior fossa++++++
10Desmoplastic medulloblastomaFemale/16 moPosterior fossa+a++++++
11Desmoplastic medulloblastomaMale/5 yrPosterior fossa++a++
12Classic medulloblastomaMale/7 yrVermis++++++
13Medulloblastoma (neuroblastic)Male/9 yrVermis+++++
14Desmoplastic medulloblastomaFemale/8 yrPosterior fossa+++
15Medulloblastoma (neuroblastic)Male/5 yrPosterior fossa++++++++
16Medulloblastoma (neuroblastic)Male/12 yrLeft hemisphere++++++
17Medulloblastoma (neuroblastic)Male/5 yrPosterior fossa+++++
  • a Focal positivity.

  • b Sy-38, Synaptophysin.