Table 2

Summary of tumor missense mutations and their effect upon p53 protein structure

Tumor no.CodonMutationAmino acid changeExplainedStructure explainedReason
8.01a105GGC to GTCGly to ValNo
359.01111CTG to CCGLeu to ProYesYesProb
122.01a131AAC to CACAsn to HisNo
293.01a132AAG to AATLys to AsnYesNoConc
145.01a135TGC to TACCys to TyrYesYesClashd
52.01a135TGC to TACCys to TyrYesYesClash
60.01135TGC to TACCys to TyrYesYesClash
1003.01138GCC to GTCAla to ValNo
26.01a138GCC to GTCAla to ValNo
234.01151CCC to CGCPro to ArgYesNoCon
303.01a154GGC to GTCGly to ValYesYesGlye
149.01a155ACC to AACThr to AsnNo
283.01155ACC to AACThr to AsnNo
110.01a158CGC to CACArg to HisYesNoCon
212.01a161GCC to ACCAla to ThrNo
47.01161GCC to ACCAla to ThrNo
683.01171GAG to AAGGlu to LysYesYesHf
472.01173GTG to ATGVal to MetYesNoCon
2.01a175CGC to CACArg to HisYesNoCon
210.01a175CGC to CACArg to HisYesNoCon
308.01a175CGC to CACArg to HisYesNoCon
512.01175CGC to CACArg to HisYesNoCon
75.01a175CGC to CACArg to HisYesNoCon
79.01a175CGC to CACArg to HisYesNoCon
1048.01176TGC to TGTCys to CysNo
328.01176TGC to TACCys to TyrYesYesZng
87.01a179CAT to AATHis to AsnYesYesZn/con
302.01193CAT to CTTHis to LeuNo
419.01a193CAT to CGTHis to ArgNo
252.01a195ATC to ACCIle to ThrNo
55.01a195ATC to ACCIle to ThrNo
312.01213CGA to CGGArg to ArgNo
270.01a214CAT to CGTHis to ArgNo
279.01a214CAT to CGTHis to ArgNo
155.01a220TAT to AATTyr to AsnYesNoCon
264.01a220TAT to TGTTyr to CysYesNoCon
304.01220TAT to TGTTyr to CysYesNoCon
361.01220TAT to TGTTyr to CysYesNoCon
482.01220TAT to TGTTyr to CysYesNoCon
351.01228GAC to TACAsp to TyrNo
663.01236TAC to TGCTyr to CysYesYesH
37.01a237ATG to ATAMet to IleNo
17.02a238TGT to TTTCys to PheYesYesZn/clash/h
353.01a238TGT to GGTCys to GlyYesYesZn/h
83.01a241TCC to TTCSer to PheYesYesBindh/con/h
452.01a244GGC to AGCGly to SerYesYesCon/Gly
597.01244GGC to GTCGly to ValYesYesCon/Gly
1189.01a245GGC to AGCGly to SerYesYesCon/Gly
557.01245GGC to GACGly to AspYesYesCon/Gly
10.01248CGG to CAGArg to GlnYesYesBind
220.01a248CGG to CAGArg to GlyYesYesBind
262.01248CGG to CAGArg to GlnYesYesBind
477.01248CGG to TGGArg to TrpYesYesBind
489.01248CGG to TGGArg to TrpYesYesBind
535.01a248CGG to CAGArg to GlnYesYesBind
856.01248CGG to TGGArg to TrpYesYesBind
346.01254ATC to ACCIle to ThrNo
116.01a257CTG to CGGLeu to ArgYesNoCon
190.01a266GGA to AGAGly to ArgYesYesCon/clash
376.01266GGA to GAAGly to GluYesYesCon
393.01266GGA to GTAGly to ValYesYesCon
273.01a272GTG to ATGVal to MetYesNoCon
278.01272GTG to TTGVal to PheYesNoCon
103.01a273CGT to CTTArg to LeuYesYesBind/h
178.01a273CGT to CATArg to HisYesYesBind
205.01a273CGT to TGTArg to CysYesYesBind/h