Table 1

Clinical and histopathological features for 14 patients who underwent a radical prostatectomy for clinically prostate tumor

AgeaPSAaPathological stageGleason scoreRelapseb
T1727.5pT3 N0 M07Yes
T56519.7pT2 N0 M06Yes
T66526.0pT2 N0 M07Yes
T87310.5pT2 N0 M07No
T9687.0pT2 N0 M07No
T20695.2pT2 N0 M07No
T22502.0pT3 N0 M08No
T25608.0pT3 N0 M07Yes
T265718.1pT2 N0 M05No
T415410.0pT2 N0 M07Yes
T436417.5pT2 N0 M06No
T46678.8pT3 N0 M05No
T47559.3pT3 N0 M05Yes
T49718.2pT3 N0 M07Yes
  • a At time of diagnosis.

  • b At least 2 years of follow-up.