Table 2

Univariate and multivariate analyses of clinical and laboratory variables and progression-free survival in 77 patients with medulloblastoma

VariableaUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
Hazard ratio(95% CIb)PHazard ratio(95% CI)P
Caspase-8 expression3.161.44–6.970.0042.601.11–6.100.03
Caspase-9 expression1.580.73–3.460.25
Metastatic stage2.141.00–4.590.051.530.65–3.630.33
Apoptosis index0.630.27–1.450.280.710.32–1.560.39
  • a The variables were compared as follows: caspase-8 expression, weak versus moderate/strong; caspase-9 expression, weak versus moderate/strong; age, <3 years versus ≥3 years; metastatic stage, M1–3 versus M0; sex, male versus female; surgery, extent of resection <90% versus ≥90%; therapy, local radiation therapy or chemotherapy alone versus local radiation therapy plus chemotherapy; apoptosis index, high versus low.

  • b CI, confidence interval.