Table 1

BRAF mutations in paired primary and metastatic melanoma lesions

Primary tumors (n = 70)Corresponding metastases (n = 88)
12Val599Glu d
2Wild type4eVal599Glu
16-bp insf16-bp ins
23Wild type40gWild type
5hWild type
5iWild type
  • a The tumors originated from 23 patients; one patient had two primary tumors.

  • b Three patients each had four metastases, and two patients each had two metastases.

  • c One metastasis from a patient with two metastases did not have the Val599Glu mutation.

  • d Tumor samples were not available for analysis.

  • e One patient had three metastases.

  • f The mutation consisted of a 6-bp insertion between codons 598 and 599, coding for two Thr residues. In addition, there was a silent ACA to ACT mutation at codon 598.

  • g Five patients each had two metastases, two had three metastases, one had four metastases, and one patient had six metastases.

  • h The tumors originated from four patients; one patient had two primary tumors.

  • i The metastases originated from a single patient.