Table 1

Multivariate analysis of clinicopathological parameters and nuclear Stat3 expression

Multivariate analysis of Stat3 and prognostic factors with 5 year overall survival with 198 tumors (performed using a Cox proportional hazards model).

VariableOSaPHazard ratio (95% CI)
Nuclear grade (high)0.19582.25 (0.66–7.72)
Ki-67 (high)0.48211.33 (0.60–2.93)
ER (neg)0.93301.04 (0.44–2.45)
PR (neg)0.49101.29 (0.62–2.70)
Her2 (pos)0.99730.99 (0.38–2.55)
Age (young)0.76820.81 (0.41–1.93)
Tumor size (>2 cm) 0.0341 2.29 (1.06–4.93)
Stat3 nuclear staining (neg)0.05562.85 (0.97–8.33)
  • a OS, overall survival; CI, confidence interval; neg, negative; pos, positive.