Table 2

Determination of survivin protein content in extracts of tumor-derived cell lines and nonmalignant cells as well as in normal human tissue samples

Cell lines, cells, and tissuesATCC cloneTypeQuantification of survivin expression
ELISA (ng/mg of protein)aWB score
Cancer cell lines of mesodermal origin
 A-204HTB 82RMS2.81
 RDCCL 136RMS5.12
 Saos-2HTB 85OSb7.12
Cancer cell lines of epithelial origin
Nonmalignant cells
 Fibroblasts Z49-94f<g1
 Lymphocytes (n = 4)<g,h0i
 Muscle (n = 5)<g,h0i
  • a ng survivin/mg of total protein.

  • b OS, osteogenic sarcoma; US, undifferentiated STS; n.d., not determined.

  • c Taubert et al. 1997 (46) .

  • d Meye et al. 1998 (47) .

  • e Block et al. 1993 (48) .

  • f Unpublished observations.

  • g Below the detection limit of the assay.

  • h Survivin content below the detection limit in each of the investigated tissue samples.

  • i Score 0 in each of n tissue samples.