Table 1

Tumor-mediated modulation of DC cell surface phenotype is dependent on COX-2 activity and PGE2 production

Control mAb did not modify TSN-induced alterations in DC phenotype (data not shown). Results are representative of three independent experiments.

DC growth conditionsCD11CCD80CD86MHC IMHC IITAP1TAP2
3LL TSN40a515a5a37a33a402a36a248a35a19438a42228a277
TSN from SC58236-treated 3LL tumors85b717b31b127b71b866b89b856b90b770b73b25275b282
3LL COX-2 antisense TSN77b46010b5864b30982b21642b15682b190a53b179
3LL COX-2 sense TSN25a2837a2126a37756a51831a2087156a8688a
3LL control vector TSN46a4833a12428a70286121a34a296a4077a24a88a
CM + PGE262a71614a5837a480a83a303a50a89a4133432240
3LL TSN + anti-PGE2 mAb63b869b12b53b45b46862b930b53b236b4037065b351b
  • a P < 0.05 compared with DCs propagated in CM.

  • b P < 0.01 compared with DCs propagated in 3LL TSN.