Table 1

Therapy of human prostate carcinoma growing in the bone of nude mice

Treatment groupaBone lesionLymph node metastasis (%)
IncidencebTumor weight (g) (mean ± SD)
Control20/202.8 ± 1/1100
Taxol18/202.1 ± 1.590
PKI 16615/20c1.5 ± 1.4c55d
PKI 166+ Taxol11/20d0.8 ± 0.7d35d
  • a Human prostate cancer cells were injected into the tibia of nude mice. Three days later, groups of mice were treated with oral feeding of PKI 166 (100 mg/kg, thrice weekly) alone, weekly i.p. injection of Taxol (200 μg) alone, PKI 166 and Taxol, or water (control).

  • b Number of positive mice/number of mice receiving injections.

  • c P < 0.05.

  • d P < 0.001 versus control.