Table 1

Patient characteristics

Dose group (mg/m2)Patient IDGenderKPSaAge (years)BSA (m2)No. of infusions administeredTumor typebPrior treatmentcSites of diseased
5103Female90811.57NSCLCRT and CTLiver
5104Male80542.119NSCLCRT and CTLung
5137Female90481.8212ColorectalCT and ITLiver
5138Male80601.612NSCLCCTLt lung, Rt and Lt adrenal
5140Male90761.86108ColorectalCT and RTLiver
5142Male90602.2512ColorectalCT and RTAzygo-oesophageal LN, liver, lung, para-aortic LN
10101Male100702.089NSCLCRT and CTAdrenal
10102Female70642.218ColorectalRT, IT and CTRt and Lt lung
10108Female80431.87ColorectalCTRetroperitoneal and mesenteric LN
10141Male70431.8512NSCLCCTRt and Lt lung, mediastinal LN
25106Male90592.635ColorectalCTRt and Lt lung
25125Male90572.188ColorectalCTLt lung, abdominal LN
25126Female90441.6310ColorectalRT and CTLiver, spleen
25143Male90712.2612ColorectalCT and surgeryLiver
25146Male90601.848ColorectalCTRt and Lt lung, liver
50107Female80651.9212ColorectalRT and CTRt and Lt lung
50127Female70771.81ColorectalCTRt and Lt lung, liver, chest and abdominal LN
50129Male90771.84ColorectalCTRt lung
50130Female90411.64ColorectalRT and CTHilum, Lt lung
50144Female90561.7618NSCLCRT and CTLt neck, Rt lung
50147Male100711.8212ColorectalRT and CTRt and Lt lung, liver
  • a Abbreviations: KPS, Karnofsky Performance Status; BSA, Body Surface Area.

  • b NSCLC, non-small cell lung carcinoma.

  • c RT, radiotherapy; CT, chemotherapy; IT, immunotherapy.

  • d Lt, left; Rt, right; LN, lymph nodes.