Table 3

Univariate analysis of age, clinical stage, histological type, histological grade, and Skp2 expression status for overall survival in ovarian adenocarcinoma patients

Age (<50 yrs vs. >51 yrs)0.0026
Clinical stage (stage I vs. stage II/III/IV)<0.0001
Histological grade (grade 1 vs. grade 2/3)0.0018
Skp2 expressionb
 Negative vs. partial positive vs. diffuse positive0.0102
 Negative vs. partial or diffuse positive0.0365
 Negative or partial positive vs. diffuse positive0.0035
  • a Log-rank test.

  • b Skp2 expression partial positive, 5–25% positive tumor cell staining; diffuse positive, more than 25% positive tumor cell staining.