Table 2

Number of mice with or without metastases in treatment groups as a function of tumor volume

Treatment groupMetastatic assessmentSmall tumors (0–1500 mm3)Medium tumors (1501–2999 mm3)Large tumors (>2999 mm3)
Vehicle controlMetastases5 (LN only)2 (LN only)4a
Vehicle controlNo metastases351
Galectin-3CMetastases02 (2 lung; 0 liver)b2 (2 lung; 0 liver)b
Galectin-3CNo metastases15c10
  • a All 4 mice had lymph node metastases; 2 of those had liver and lung metastases, and 1 of those had lung metastases.

  • b Both mice had lymph node and lung but not liver metastases.

  • c Fifteen percent (3 of 20) of the galectin-3C-treated mice had tumor volumes of 0 at the end of the study.