Table 1

Univariate logistic regression for Sydney cohort

RisknOR95% CIPa
Presence of metastasis at presentation
 Presence of lymph nodes1053.91.8–8.90.0004
 Abnormal serum MIC-1712.81.4–5.80.0053
 Presence of H MIC-1 allele1060.50.2–1.00.0637
Likelihood of relapse
 TNM metastasis3832.89.6–112<0.0001
 TNM tumor
 Dukes stage
 Lymph nodes present1055.42.7–8.8<0.0001
 Sex male1402.11.2–3.80.0113
 Abnormal serum MIC-1711.60.9–2.90.1184
 Homozygous H MIC-11060.90.5–1.70.8671
Death from cancer
 TNM tumor
 TNM metastasis3815.46.4–36.7<0.0001
 Dukes stage
 Lymph nodes present1055.02.5–9.7<0.0001
 Abnormal serum MIC-1712.11.1–4.00.0182
 Sex male1402.01.0–4.00.0310
 Homozygous H MIC-11060.90.5–1.80.8231
  • a P for group trend.