Table 2

Multivariate logistic regression for Sydney cohort

RisknOR95% CIP
Presence of metastasis at presentation when TNM tumor stage >2a
 Presence of lymph nodes934.21.7–10.50.0009
 Abnormal serum MIC-1642.71.2–6.50.0191
 Homozygous H MIC-1870.40.2–0.80.0170
Likelihood of relapse
 TNM tumor >21853.01.0–8.50.0310
 Lymph nodes present1054.32.2–8.3<0.0001
 Abnormal serum MIC-1711.50.8–2.90.2449
 Homozygous H MIC-11061.00.5–1.90.9537
Death from cancer
 TNM tumor >21851.50.5–4.30.4860
 TNM mets389.53.4–26.7<0.0001
 Lymph nodes present1052.51.2–5.30.0122
 Abnormal serum MIC-1712.11.0–4.40.0516
 Sex male1401.20.7–4.30.5276
 Homozygous H MIC-11060.90.4–1.80.4806
  • a As there were no cases of distant metastasis at presentation in patients with a TNM tumor stage of ≤2, multivariate analysis was performed using the above variables to predict metastasis on presentation with a TNM tumor stage >2 (n = 185).