Table 1

Characteristics of patients

GroupNo.Gender (M/F)Age (mean ± SD)Liver cirrhosis (B/C/B&C/alcohol)aChronic hepatitis (B/C/B&C)Others
Healthy volunteer2014/657 ± 120/0/0/00/0/00
DC209/1159 ± 143/5/0/41/5/02b
HCC5539/1664 ± 116/21/3/24/14/14c
  • a B, hepatitis B virus associated; C, hepatitis C virus associated; B&C, hepatitis B and C viruses associated.

  • b One patient had liver cirrhosis due to unknown etiology, and another had primary biliary cirrhosis.

  • c Two patients had no chronic liver diseases, and the other two patients had received liver transplant surgery.