Table 1

Summary of the site and pathologic diagnosis of the lesions sampled for this study

1p.o. cavityNormal control mucosa
2p.o. cavityNormal control mucosa
3OropharynxNormal control mucosa
4HypopharynxNormal control mucosa
5Buccal mucosaNormal control mucosa
6Suparglottic larynxNormal control mucosa
7Buccal mucosaMatched normal mucosa
8Buccal mucosaMatched normal mucosa
9Buccal mucosaMatched normal mucosa
10Floor of mouthMatched normal mucosa
11Buccal mucosaMatched normal mucosa
12Buccal mucosaEpithelial hyperplasia
13p.o. tongueMild focal dysplasia
14p.o. tongueModerate epithelial dysplasia
15p.o. tongueModerate epithelial dysplasia
16p.o. tongueModerate epithelial dysplasia
17Pyriform sinusModerate epithelial dysplasia
18Buccal mucosaSevere epithelial dysplasia/CIS
19Buccal mucosaSevere epithelial dysplasia/CIS
20True vocal cordInvasive carcinoma
21p.o. tongueInvasive carcinoma
22p.o. tongueInvasive carcinoma
23Retromolar trigoneInvasive carcinoma
24Floor of mouthInvasive carcinoma
25Base of tongueInvasive carcinoma
26Buccal mucosaInvasive carcinoma