Table 2

Summary of morphometric resultsa

 Tumor variables
  MMP-9 (% of points)11.40.2–29.2
  p53 (% of points)14.60.0–67.0
  Ki-67 (% of points)4.00.0–18.2
  Nuclear volume (μm3)12.10.3–45
  AgNOR (μm2)9.03.2–19.6
 Stromal variables
  Vessels (no. per area)7.30.2–29.1
  Stroma (% of points)21.00.0–85.9
  Elastin [log(area)]9.05.6–11.0
  Collagen [log(area)]9.47.5–11.2
  • a The units of “% of points” indicate the number of points overlying the phenomena of interest divided by the total number of points overlying tumor. In morphometry, this is called a point fraction and is often symbolized as Pp. Pp has been shown to approximate the volume fraction or Vv (29) . The units for elastin and collagen are log(area) with the area determined by optical density (see “Patients and Methods”).