Table 1

Analysis of 20 clinicopathological characteristics and the MSKCC prognostic score (7) after curative liver resection for metastatic CRC in 29 consecutive patients

The following prognostic factors are not listed because samples were too unbalanced: tumor site (colon versus rectum), TNM stage (II versus III), time of onset of metastases (metachronous versus synchronous), blood transfusions (yes versus no), number of liver metastases (1–3 versus >3), satellite nodules (yes versus no), vascular invasion (yes versus no), presence of invaded hilar lymph nodes (negative versus positive), DNA content of resected lesions (aneuploidy versus diploidy).

Prognostic factorNo. of patients2-yr survival (%)P
Age (yr)
Dukes stageb
CEA level (preoperative)b
 ≤10 ng/ml1275ns
 >10 ng/ml1782
Liver involvement
Tumor distribution
Extent of resection
Tumor sizeb
 ≤5 cm1984ns
 >5 cm1070
Resection margin
 >10 mm1979ns
 ≤10 mm1080
Histological grading
 Well/moderately differentiated16940.03
 Poorly differentiated1361
Total tumor volume
 ≤34 cc1587ns
 >34 cc1471
MSKCC clinical risk score
  • a ns, not significant.

  • b Factors considered in the MSKCC score.