Table 1.

Patient and tumor characteristics

Patient numberAge, yGenderStage/resectabilityPrimary siteHPV and p16 statusSmoking historyAlcohol history
152MaleOriginal T×N2aM0, recurrence tonsil, neck resectableTonsilN/AFormer 35 pk/yNo
248MaleT3N2cM0 resectableBase of tongueHPV+Current 68 pk/yNo
358MaleT1N2aM0 resectableBase of tongueHPV+NeverYes
462MaleT4N2cM0 resectableBase of tongueHPV−/p16+Former weekly pipe/cigarYes
561MaleT3N2cM0 unresectableBase of tongueHPV+Former 48 pk/yYes
650FemaleT3N2cM0 resectableLarynxHPV−Former 35 pk/yYes
754FemaleT1N2AM0 resectableTonsilHPV+/p16+Current 30 pk/yYes

NOTE: Patient 1 presented with incomplete TxN2aM0 staging and treatment consisting of neck dissection only, after which he sought care with recurrent tonsil and neck disease.

Abbreviations: TNM, tumor, node, metastasis; pk/y = cigarette pack-years; N/A, not available.