Table 1.

Patient and tumor characteristics by EGFR expression status

CharacteristicEGFR positive
All patientsTotal EGFRFull length EGFREctodomain EGFR onlyPhospho-EGFR
Diagnostic information
No. of patients1781351173250
Age, y
FIGO stage
Tumor volume,a cm3
Pelvic lymph node status
Follow-up data
Observation time,b mo
 Locoregional only1271076541336
 Distant only39222821191612381122
 Locoregional and distant10697653924
Cancer-related death50284030272315471530

NOTE: Total EGFR, full-length EGFR, and ectodomain EGFR only were assessed in 178 patients, whereas phospho-EGFR was assessed in 97 patients who were positive for full-length EGFR.

Abbreviation: FIGO, Federation International de Gynecologie et d'Obstetrique.

  • aDetermined from pretreatment magnetic resonance images and calculated on the basis of 3 orthogonal diameters (a, b, and c) as (π/6)abc.

  • bBased on patients without distant or locoregional relapse.