Table 2.

First-line docetaxel therapy received prior to study entry

Docetaxel/prednisone/custirsen (n = 20)Mitoxantrone/prednisone/custirsen (n = 22)Total population (N = 42)
Median number of treatment cycles administered (range)10 cycles (2–22)10 cycles (2–22)10 cycles (2–22)
≥30% decline in PSA at any time (%)a888486
Patients relapsing while receiving first-line therapy (%)406452
Median time from end of first-line therapy to disease progression for patients progressing after first-line therapy, mo (range)2.5 (1.1–5.1)4.3 (1.8–6.4)3.0 (1.1–6.4)
Basis of progression (%):b
 Bone scan202724
 CT scan202724
 PSA only604552
  • aPSA data available on 35 of 42 patients.

  • bPatients could have progressed by more than one method.