Table 2.

Treatment and outcomes

Patient numberBortezomib dose level, m−2Best objective responseDisease progressionPFS, moSite of progressionSalvage therapyOS, moSurvival status
10.7 mg/m2CRNo14NoneNone14NED
20.7 mg/m2PDYes6DistantNone8DOD
30.7 mg/m2PDYes5RegionalNeck surgery17NED
41 mg/m2CRYes11DistantLobectomy23NED
51 mg/m2PDYes5LocalNone17DOD
61 mg/m2CRNo24NoneNone24NED
71.3 mg/m2PDYes1RegionalChemoradiotherapy18NED

NOTE: Best response by CT-PET at 2 or 5 months posttreatment. Clinical progression-free and overall survival as of last visit or December 1, 2010.

Abbreviations: NED, no evidence of disease; DOD, died of disease.