Table 1.

Patient and adoptively transferred cell characteristics

PatientAge, y/sexDxSites of diseasePrior immunotherapyCell number infused (×10−10)% NK cellsa% lysis 888melb# IL-2 dosesc
121/FMMBreast, skinIL-2, IFN6.4597886
331/FMMPancreasIL-24.2096897 + 3
443/MMMLN, chest wall, liverIL-2, IFN, GMCSF1.8898856 + 3
534/MMMHilum, lN, lungsIL-2, IFN3.4697678 + 6
651/MRCCHilum, LN, lungsIL-2, Sorafenib6.33931005 + 5
756/MMMLN, lungsDC vaccine2.38978712 + 8
842/FMMMuscle, LN, SQ, lungs, panc.IL-2, DTIC5.14957712 + 5
  • Abbreviations: Dx, diagnosis; MM, metastatic melanoma; LN, lymph nodes; SQ, subcutaneous; Panc., pancreas; DC vaccine, dendritic cell vaccine; DTIC, Dacarbazine. a% NK cells in the infused cell population was determined by FACS as the % PI- CD3- CD56+ cells.

  • bSpecific lysis of 888 melanoma cells by the adoptively transferred cell population was measured using a 4-hour 51Cr release assays, and the value presented indicates the % specific lysis at an E:T ratio of 10:1.

  • cPatients received the indicated number of doses of I.V. IL-2 (720,000 IU/dose). Some patients received a second cycle of IL-2 doses 20 to 27 days after the first treatment as indicated by the “+” sign.