Table 2.

Disease characteristics and course of patients with disease flare after discontinuation of TKI

AgeSexEGFR mutationT790MSites of diseaseDays off TKIDescription of flare
47Female Never smokerExon 19 DeletionNoPleura, brain, and liver21 dProgressive liver metastases with liver failure and death
64Female Never smokerExon 19 DeletionNoPleura21 dDyspnea
53Female Never smokerExon 19 DeletionUnknownPleura, brain, bone14 dCNS progression
60Female Never smokerExon 21 L858RUnknownPleura, brain, and bone7 dHypoxia and bone pain
34Male Never smokerExon 19 DeletionNoPleura and brain11 dDyspnea
27Female Never smokerExon 19 DeletionUnknownBrain, liver, bone, and pericardium11 dBone pain
47Female Never smokerExon 21 L858RYesPleura7 dNew leptomeningeal disease
49Male Never smokerExon 19 DeletionYesBone and liver7 dNew brain metastases, seizure
61Female Never smokerExon 21 L858RNoPleura, brain, liver, and peritoneum3 dAbdominal pain
45Female Never smokerExon 19 DeletionYesPleura and bone8 dNew leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, seizure, death
46Female Former smokerExon 19 DeletionYesPleura, liver, and bone12 dEpidural progression
62Female Never smokerExon 19 DeletionYesPleura, bone, and pericardium8 dPericardial tamponade, death
42Female Never smokerExon 18 E709A and G719AYesPleura and bone8 dAcute pleural effusion requiring drainage
67Female Former smokerExon 21 L858RNoPleura and brain8 dDyspnea