Table 4.

TDM dosing

Allometric BW dosingBSA dosing
Time of TDM samples after end of first infusion (infusion time, 4 h)0.5 h8 h0.5 h8 h
Target AUC, μM*min1,1501,1501,1501,150
Median simulated AUC, μM*min1,2041,1641,1951,160
Root mean square error287245291246
% Patients within AUC range 900–1,500 μM*min75817580
% Patients with an AUC <900 μM*min8999
% Patients with an AUC >1,500 μM*min17101611
Dosing regimenTAUC × 4.11 × BW0.75TAUC × 4.16 × BSA

NOTE: Root mean square error is calculated by the deviation in comparison to the target AUC.

Abbreviation: TAUC, target area under the curve.