Table 3.

Comparison of different dosing regimens

Dosing in data setEMA dosingAllometric BW dosingBSA dosingAllometric BW DosingBSA Dosing
Target AUC, μM*min1,1251,1251,1251,1251,1501,150
Median simulated AUC, μM*min1,2481,5331,1271,1101,1521,134
Root mean square error428610283283289289
% Patients within AUC range 900–1,500 μM*min594471707270
% Patients with an AUC <900 μM*min15317201517
% Patients with an AUC >1,500 μM*min265312101313
Dosing regimen0.8 mg/kg5 dosing regimenTAUC × 4.11 × BW0.75TAUC × 4.16 × BSATAUC*4.11*BW0.75TAUC*4.16*BSA

NOTE: Root mean square error is calculated by the deviation in comparison to the target AUC.

Abbreviation: TAUC, target area under the curve.