Table 2.

Summary of 14 patients with response SD or more (n = 59 evaluable patients)

Tumor sites at entry
StratumMIBG scoreCT longest dimensionBone marrowOverall response (site responses)# Courses response maintained
2110Positivea(<5%)SD (SD on MIBG; CR in BM)15
27 (all sites radiated C1)0Positive (<5%)SD (MIBG sites resolved, not evaluable since radiated)35 (5 courses compassionate)
114 cmNegativeSD30+c
115 cmNegativeSD30+d
12510.3 cmNegativeSD24
104 cmNegativeSD15
210Positive (<5–10%)SD (CR at MIBG avid bone site; not evaluable since radiated)7
2110Positive (<5%)SD7
116 cmNegativeSD5
128.5 cmNegativeSD4
  • aBM slides not reviewed; reports were reviewed.

  • bCentrally reviewed C1–C20; 15 compassionate courses. Alive with SD and no further therapy 13 months off fenretinide.

  • cCompleted C30 with SD; achieved CR on compassionate fenretinide 25 months later; last confirmed 50 months post-C30; alive on fenretinide 53 months post-C30.

  • dPost-C30 given 13-cis-retinoic acid for 3 months. Alive 57 months post-C30. BM = bone marrow; C = course.