Table 1.

Clinical and pathologic parameters of patients with primary colorectal cancer and colorectal liver metastases and their correlation to the expression of ZEB2 in the tumor invasion front and tumor center

Total number of casesZEB2 expression in TIFZEB2 expression in Tc
Primary colorectal cancer
  < median = 63 y9143485437
  ≥median = 63 y8448365034
  Missing values00000
  Missing values00000
  Missing values42231
 UICC stage0.0140.048
  Missing values00000
 Curative resection0.2610.063
  Missing values20202
 KRAS status0.2990.485
  KRAS mutation9645515442
  Wild type5129223219
  Missing values2817111810
 Microsatellite status0.3651.000
  Microsatellite instability (MSI)14168738457
  Nonmicrosatelite instability (MSS)117474
  Missing values231671310
 BRAF statusa0.6160.643
  No BRAF mutation8241414834
  BRAF mutation43131
  Not available8947425336
Colorectal liver metastases
  < median = 68 y13940.81760.98
  ≥ median = 68 y1511487
 Metachronous vs. synchronos
 Perioperative chemotherapy
  Not received1511478

NOTE: P values were derived by using Fisher's exact test.

  • Abbreviations: TIF, tumor invasion front; Tc, tumor control.

  • aBRAF mutation analysis was only conducted for KRAS wild type.