Table 2.

Characteristics of patients with histologically positive nodes (9/26)

Pt no.Age (y)GSiPSAcTpNNo of + LNSite of + LNMRISize (mm)PETPET-CTSize (mm)
17378.54T3aN111-R ObtR Obt11TP1-R ObtTPR Obt11TP
1082813.5T3N153-R Obt, 1-R II, 1-R GF2-R EI21,8TP3-R EITP3-R EI20,11,7TP
1356750T1cN111-L ObtFNFNFN
15659209T2bN174-L EI, 3-R IIR II19TP1-L EI, 3-R IITP1-L EI, 3-R II9,18,11,5TP
17767169T4N111-R ObtL Obt9FPR ObtTPR Obt9TP
2076721T2bN111-R ObtFNR ObtTPR Obt4TP
2461945T3N181-R II, 2-R Obt, 3-L EI, 2-L ObtFN1-R ObtTP1-R Obt, 2-R II6,6,4TP
2576924.5T2bN122-R EIFNFNFN
2751744.8T3bN111-L IIL II10TPFNL II10TP

GS-Gleason score; iPSA, initial prostate-specific antigen; cT, clinical tumor stage; pN, pathologic nodal stage; LN, lymph node; R, right; L, left; Obt, obturator; II, internal iliac; GF, genitofemoral; +, positive.