Table 6.

Multiple-dose parameters on day 21 for the RP2D of 125 mg once daily

ParameterPD 0332991 125 mg (n = 4)
Tmax, h5.5 (2.0–9.8)
Cmax, ng/mL97.4 (41)
Ctrough, ng/mL47.0 (48)
AUC0–24, ng h/mL1,733 (42)
t1/2, h25.9 (29)
CL/F, L/h80.6 (34)
Vz/F, L2,793 (15)
Rac2.2 (1.5–2.9)

NOTE: Data are median (range) for Tmax and Rac, arithmetic mean (% CV) for AUC0–24, CL/F, Cmax, Ctrough, and Vz/F.

Abbreviations: CL/F, apparent oral clearance; Vz/F, apparent oral volume of distribution during the terminal elimination phase following oral administration.